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Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection DVD Information

Name: Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection
Genre: Music | Classic
Discs: 33
Created by: Michael Jackson
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Weight: 2.1 kg
Condition New Box Set
 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
  Subtitles - removable


Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection Discs

Disc 1-7

1972 Michael Jackson 5 Paris France concert
1975 Michael Jackson 5 Mexico concert
1979 Michael Jackson 5 London U.K. destiny concert
1981 Michael Jackson 5 triumph concert
Michael Jackson 5 destiny concert feature
1987 Michael Jackson Brisbane Australia BAD concert
1987 Michael Jackson Yokohama Japan BAD concert
1988 Michael Jackson U.S.A. BAD concert
1992 Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest: Dangerous Tour
1993 Michael Jackson Live In Israel: Dangerous Tour
1993 Michael Jackson Live In Tokyo Japan: Dangerous Tour
Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour feature
1996 Michael Jackson Live In Sydney Australia: History Tour
1996 Michael Jackson Live In Manila Filipina: History Tour
DISC 16-17
1996 Michael Jackson Live In Seoul Korea: History Tour
1996 Michael Jackson Live In Romania: History Tour
1997 Michael Jackson Live in New Zealand: History Tour
1997 Michael Jackson Live In Finland: History Tour
I bought a Michael Jackson's DVD "Life of a Superstar" as one of his biggest fan, I have a lof of things of him, but I want more and in this DVD I love it because is about his life is a very nice DVD, so I recomended to anyone who is a MJ's fan, you wont be sorry if you get it.
I like this dvd because I like Michael Jackson. This dvd shows some of his best videos.It also features a concert performance from the MTV awards.Another feature this dvd has is that it shows the lyrics to the song while the video is playing. That's nice to see if you're not too familiar with Michael's music.
This is really a great DVD to have. It includes Michael's legendary performances at the Motown 25 Anniversary Show
I LOVE the Michael Jackson History video because it is an important part of the history of music videos; this DVD includes some of the first music videos recorded and one can appreciate the technological advancements we have made in today's world. This DVD is also symbolic of the ingenuity of Michael Jackson because one can see, in retrospect, how advanced he was. The younger generation will learn that many dances and songs they've heard are NOT NEW; they will learn that Michael Jackson was the ONE who started many fads and cliches.
I bought this item because it has to do with Michael Jackson and I am a big fan. The item was informative but it wasn't what I thought it was about. I thought it contained music video's about Michael song's. The information it contained was informative about his life and the video was very clearly made.Thanks and I still will add it to my collection items about Michael
Rehearsal footage, backstage action and interviews comprise this moving Michael Jackson experience. He is shown here preparing for a series of 50 sold-out London shows, which were scheduled to kick off in late summer 2009. Singing his numerous hits at the Staples Center in Los Angeles during the days leading up to his untimely death, Michael is also seen refining cues, delving into dance details and working with director Kenny Ortega.
My first album bought was Thriller. When Michael died, it was like I lost a piece of myself. I was excited to learn they would release this dvd. Real enjoy his music.
It amazed me how good MJ still was, the dance moves were great and fascinating to me. He was clearly the one in charge of the whole thing.
This show is so great! arrived quickly exactly as item was listed.would be happy to prchase from this ebay seller setshop in the future
It's hard not to watch This without feeling a mixture of sorrow and elation. Miss him so much
Michael Jackson's This Is It will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts.
When Michael Jackson died on June 25th 2009 it seems a part of the world died with him. It made many people sad all over the world and it seems that for once everyone was being nice to this man who had always been abused by the Medias; journalists, interviewers and others.
good and very good and very good.
Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection :It amazed me how good MJ still was, the dance moves were great and fascinating to me. He was clearly the one in charge of the whole thing.I miss him so much
Not excellent but good quality. I am glad I bought it.

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